How to get notified on Ethereum or tokens received

The simplest way to get notified via email when you receive Ethereum or tokens in your decentralized wallet

When you create a wallet by using MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, MetaMask, geth or any other decentralized client, nobody asks you about your email.

It’s right, because of it means that you own your private key as supposed to be and you don’t need anything else, but, it also means that nobody will notify you when you receive Ethereum or any other token.

No problem. Etherscan will help you.

Etherscan also has an Address Watch List feature and now we will discover how to use it.

First, create an account on Etherscan.
Confirm your email by clicking on the received link and login.
Go to your account page and select the watch list menu.

Click on Add New Address and a popup will appear.

Enter your ETH Address (it could be also a Smart Contract address, for instance your ICO), enter an optional Description and select Email notification.
Then click Continue.

Your address will be shown in your address watch list.
By clicking on Edit you can customize your notifications by selecting if you want to receive emails only for incoming or outgoing ETH transactions and enable them also for tokens.

Starting from now, you will receive an email each time your address will receive (or send) Ethereum or tokens.

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