How to add Token to MetaMask

The simplest way to suggest adding your Token

Vittorio Minacori
3 min readDec 24, 2018

Every time people ask me how to add their token to MetaMask it means to explain where to paste their token address (if they know what their token address is), what the symbol is, what decimals are, why they should be 18 and many other things.

So, since MetaMask now supports EIP 747, which defines a way for sites to suggest an asset to their users’ wallet to track, I decided to build a DApp to do that in the simplest way.

By using the DApp you can create a link for your token and share it with your users.

How to build your token page to suggest adding it to MetaMask?

Here it is

You should only enter your token address and click on the Search button.

Your token will be retrieved from your Smart Contract and you will see informations like Name, Symbol and Decimals.

Enter a link with a logo for your token (suggested a square SVG or PNG with transparent background, recommended greater than 64x64px) and click on the Create Token Widget button.

A dedicated page will be created for your token by showing your token informations.

You can:

Add to MetaMask
By clicking this button your token will be suggested to add in your MetaMask extension.

View on Etherscan
This button will open a link on Etherscan in your token address explorer.

You can also share your link with your customers in order to make adding token more and more easy.

Try it and start sharing your token.

This will be the result.

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